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This is a wonderful space that we are collaborating on within our organization and connections to provide info, articles and more on pressing and relevant subjects.

We will talk about prison reform, recidivism, real events + data, the need for rehabilitation. community programs/actions, types of support and SO much more!

Who Are We?

We are FS-NB! And we are proud to say that we have been supporting the Phoenix valley for over 10 years now! Since 2013 we have been a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization focusing on helping local homeless, veterans and ex-convicts.

What Do We Do??

We specially craft programs and events geared towards raising money and resources for these very unsupported demographics in our local community. We understand this as nation-wide and even a world-wide issue in places... Thus, it is our imperative to eradicate this lack of system, structure and support for them!

Why Do We Do It???

Nobody ever said this was going to be easy! It has taken a lot of work and moving pieces to get here, and we have appreciated the process in the meantime. Touching people's lives and affecting them in a positive way influences us all deeply and we do believe that by supporting one another in these causes, we may lift one another up in such beautiful and prosperous ways. The World deserves it!

How Can You Make A Difference????

That is what we are doing here at FS-NB -- every -- single -- day!!

There are quite a few ways to reach out to us and support us in just that -- so to make it easy for you, here's a list of how you can change peoples lives right now:


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