The Fresh Start-New Beginning (FS-NB) program

There are several important elements to the FS-NB program. FS-NB has significant partnerships with 45 Arizona-based businesses. These local businesses have expressed a desire to support ex-convicts who have completed the FS-NB program by offering employment.

As participants, FS-NB has made arrangements with Wells Fargo Bank to receive financial instruction tailored especially to their needs, including opening a checking and savings account, making budgets, and learning how to manage their finances.

Through following these four steps, the former prisoner can learn to build on success and break the cycle of reoffending.

Step 1 Application, initial screening and counseling

Six months before release from custody prisoners can apply to enter the FS-NB program. If accepted, prisoners will be required to undergo in-depth interviews and pre-training. This MUST be completed prior to release.

Step 2 Release, housing, mentoring and job training

Upon release the ex convict get housing in a 2-bedroom apartment ($125 pw for rent, utilities and internet), gets a job at the Greatdeals-AZ store (on the minimum wage), receive one-to-one mentoring and in-store job training.

Step 3 Financial counseling and financial management

As the ex convict earns, Wells Fargo Bank will offer financial counseling and financial management especially tailored to their specific needs. They will receive support to save, make budgets and financial goals, plan expenses and income and make wise financial choices.

Step 4 Apply for a job in a partner business

Apply for a job in a partner business to continue to build skills, self-confidence and self-management skills. Gainful employment will be seen as an avenue for contribution, respect and stability and for building community connections.