Prison Recidivism

Each and every year we have approximately 19,000 men and women go in and out of prison.

Of the approximate 19,000 men and women that go in and out of Arizona prisons each year, more than 70% are incarcerated for “self-abusive” behavior including: Drinking, Drugs and petty crimes used to fund their addiction (forgery, theft and so on).

We feel that given a chance to do well for themselves, with a pathway to become productive members of society, between 60-80% of them would succeed.

The inability to obtain a job and a place to live (outside of associations of the past) is a large part of why so many quickly return to activities which result in returning to prison. What is needed? We need to help them build something worth not losing: a job, a place to live, a motor vehicle, money in the bank – and most importantly, self-confidence and something to lose.

Now is the time for us to address this growing problem